Dajana Damjanović

Performance and career development coach, people development specialist.

Mission. Supporting people, especially youth, women and juniors in their roles trough coaching to discover their talents and gifts. To move forward in their career or to start their own business.

Vision. Witnessing professional growth and happiness of individuals when achieving careers they always wanted to have.

Coaching. Partnering clients in process of discovering their genuine talents and potentials. Building relationship with them that will provoke learning and creativity in order to support them in finding their professional authenticity, mission and vision.

Corporate experience. For several I have been working in HR for international corporations and I am proficient at career planning, business competencies improvement, talent identification and leadership development in organizations, as far as, at internal training systems, programs and trainers team development.

NGO Activist. I worked for over seven years in the non-governmental sector on raising awareness of human rights and empowerment of marginalized groups (youth and women with disabilities). I have learned that equality creates a better world, and diversity enriches it. Today, I strive to encourage diversity and respect of human rights wherever and with whomever I work.


Witnessing unpredictable process of revealing human potentials and growth of individuals and groups inspires me. Continuous learning and improvement are principal drives in my working style and personal development. My mission is to be devoted in creating frames that provoke learning and people engagement.


Power of NOT YET!



The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaching & Mentoring programs

  • Build your inner entrepreneur – focused on supporting you when starting your own business
  • Trace your career path – focused on supporting you define your ideal career path and milestones
  • Reach your desired goals & boost your performance  – focused on supporting you with self-motivation and self-efficiency

Education & workshops

Design and delivery of workshops on topics related to effective communication, goals setting, self-efficiency, pitching & presenting, building trust in teams, managing stress and building resiliency, organizational learning and design.

Team development & empowerment

Empowerment of teams through workshops and combination of team and individual coaching.  Support in establishing team roles and team development path. 


The first coaching session is free









  • 2018.Lear Corporation Continuous Improvement Academy (Lean principles – 5s, Kaizen, Poka-Yoke, FIFO, Problem solving methods)

  • 2017. ’’Coaching for Active Pre-eminence’’ Sinhronia Coaching School, Serbia (ACSTH program) accredited by International coaching federation (ICF)

  • 2016. NLP business practitioner program, licenced by International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Switzerland

  • 2015. Integrative Transactional Psychotherapy Model, program of Phd Vesna Gavrilov Jerković, professor at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad

  • 2012. Core Energetic Development program - educational program on body work and psychotherapy, Institute Core Development, Switzerland, professor Walid Daw

  • 2012. Training on writing and managing projects funded by the EU, EDIT Centre, Novi Sad

  • 2011. MA of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad.

  • 2010. Advanced training for trainers in peer education, YPEER International, PETRI Bulgaria and UNFPA Bulgaria

  • 2010. Training on accessibility in the social security system, accredited training program of the Institute for Social Security, institutions/ organizations: Centre Living Upright, Novi Sad

  • 2009. Basic training in Art psychotherapy techniques - techniques on coping with trauma and loss, Institute for Art Therapy and Expressive Psychotherapy ICTEP Netherlands, professor Meijer Degen

  • 2007. Training on developing the strategies of communication for changing youth risk behavior - YPEER Network and UNICEF Serbia

  • 2007. Training for trainer – theater based peer education, YPEER International


Is coaching for you?



Dajana Damjanović, psychologist and business coach


Skype: dajanadamjanovic


If you want to schedule your coaching or consultation, you can contact me via email dajana.damjanovic@gmail.com

Online coaching or consultations are possible via Skype.

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